Make a hole in the wall !!!





The project "Make a Hole in the Wall" is to excite people to do just that: make a hole in the wall or the ceiling to let a beam of sunlight come through. (Because of rain, covering the hole with transparent glass is advised).

 The sunbeam coming through the hole moves relative to both the day's hour and the day of the year. Every moment is different, but there is a wonderful pattern of the sun's movement that is both educational and very interesting to observe. 

I prefer making a hole in the west wall so that you can observe the sunset. Of course with a ceiling hole, you can see how the sun falls during the day. The sun will come in at various angles.

There are many "useful" features in the sundial you'll build, in my Cosmic Room, I've made one using the mayan style, making a hole so that the sunbeam crosses a second wall only on the equinox at 6.30pm. Another hole is used for observing the straight fall of the sunbeam in the zenithal days. Another one is for the analemma and a slide for the sundial/calendar on a south wall. 

The Cosmic Room is located ar Corregidora, Qro. Mexico.    google map

For those in the northern hemisphere, You can make an original projective sundial with a hole from any wall that  receives sunlight on the outside. If you make a mark of where the sunlight falls at the same time each day (or week), you will trace out the shape of the analemma, that figure 8 curve whose north and south extent is set by the summer and winter solstice and whose east and west extent is set by the Equation of Time caused by the earth's eccentric orbit around the sun and tilt from the ecliptic plane. In case you make a hole in the wall, please send me photos of your sunbeams. 

It will be very interesting to see your results as you photograph your personal copy of the sun's path throughout the year.

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